Anti-sensitivity Ingredient



Anti-sensitivity Ingredient

  Product name:Anti-sensitivity Ingredient
  Product Description:
  •100% brand new and high quality
  •Can quickly adjust the skins resistance, relieve skin allergy and inflammation, improve microcirculation, and activate immunoglobulins to restore naturally fair, soft skin of high immunity
  •Quickly remove the allergic phenomenon, repair damaged skin cells, enhance skin resistance
  •Calm, slow, and sensitive skin
  •Stable and repair the damaged skin, supply water and nutrition to skin due to allergic,keep skin moist.
  •Eliminate dropsy, strengthen the cell tissue
  •Improve eczema, herpes, papula, super sensitive skin, and general allergic phenomenon
  •can eliminate the external bacterial infection quickly, with the functions of anti-inflammatory, calmness, repairing micro vessels and cracked skin.
  • promotes the organic ingredients of cuticle, which make the skin to foster a perfect cuticle from the inside out, and enhance replenishment and barrier function of cuticle
  •Matricaria maritima essence, Ceramide, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Aloe vera butter


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