Skin repair Ingredient



Skin repair Ingredient

  Product name:Skin repair Ingredient
  Product Description:
  •100% brand new and high quality
  •Ingredient:Algae Extract, Allantion, Aloe Vera, Barley Extract
  ••Repair damaged sensitive skin
  •Relieve the allergic condition of skin
  •stimulate cell regeneration
  •To improve the immunity of the skin
  •To improve the immunity of the skin
  •fade the yellow color on the face and make the skin shining and white.
  •promote the vigor of skin cell
  •provide sufficient nutrition for the skin
  •making the skin tender, white and brilliant with vigor.
  •promote skin absorption, and make skin clear.
  •Mildly removes old keratin, softens skin, increases skin flexibility, improves dullness and enhances
  •moisture-retaining ability and luster of the skin.
  improve rough skin, glow and the skin back to shine.
  supply nutrition and water for dry skin
  •reduce wrinkles, tone skin reducing dark and age spots, help repair and heal spider veins and scarring.


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