Sodium sulfadiazine



Sodium sulfadiazine

Product name:Sodium sulfadiazine
Molecular Formula:C10H9N4NaO2S
Formula Weight:272.26
Description:Sodium sulfadiazine is a Sodium salt containing n-2-pyrimidine-4-aminobenzene sulfonamide. In terms of dry products, the content of C10H9N4NaO2S shall not be less than 99.0%. Sodium sulfadiazine is a white crystalline powder; No smell, slightly bitter taste; Meets the light color gradient dark; Long placed in moist air, that is, slowly absorbing carbon dioxide and precipitation sulfadiazine.
Boiling point:512.6 °C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point:263.8 °C
Use:for infections


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